Friday, September 23, 2011

Password Catcher


The Password Catcher allows you to catch anyone's password who's using your System

All you have to do is to click on the "catch" bookmark before he tries to login.

The script is Page Domain Dependent. For eg. you can only view the saved passwords of if you're on

OMG!! how this thing works?

You can see below there are two Bookmarklets "catch"and "show".

just drag these bookmarklets to your bookmark bar.

When you're on a Login Page click the "catch" bookmark" and the script

will be activated. Don't HIT REFRESH once you've clicked catch.It'll disable the script.

After the Catch is activated and then a person tries to login then his login will fail.

His submit or login button will become irresponsive. IT MEANS THE SCRIPT worked fine

and his password is stored.

If you want to LOGIN you've to refresh the Page

Now to view the Stored PASSWORD click the show button.
The Show button will open a Dialog box like this :


1.if two users have a same password for a particular website then only one of

the password is saved.
2. To view the passwords of a particular domain you've to be on that domain.

3. The script remains active until the page is not refreshed.


who ever visits this page and likes this script please suggest some improvements

if you think the script can be improved


drag these Bookmarklets to the bookmark bar.